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SITEREM: your environmental solution for ground, water and air pollution.

You’re a business, a private individual or a public authority:

  • You’re selling or buying a plot of land
  • Your land has been polluted (by heating oil, waste, industrial activity etc.)
  • You’re terminating a potentially polluting industrial or commercial activity
  • You would like to use a polluted industrial plot for a different purpose (housing, offices etc.)
  • Pollution has been observed on your land and you need to clean it up
  • You have a real estate project on a potentially polluted plot
  • You would like to assess the impact of your project on the environment
  • You need to respond to the requirements of the European IED directive

SITEREM is committed to working with you to offer a comprehensive service: from developing to implementing the right solutions.


  • The second version of the Codes Wallons de Bonnes Pratiques (CWBP, Walloon Codes of Best Practices) is published on January 30th 2015. It will be used from April 1st 2015.
  • SITEREM SA has been ISO9001:2008 certified since September 2012
  • The DAS has recently started awarding Certificats de contrôle du sol (CCS, Ground Control Certificates)